Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 1

Well, after all I've been through on my trip to get up here to VT, I was beginning to wonder if I would ever get on the mountain.  Today was FINALLY that day.  Temps were decent and roads were fine so I made the trek up to Bolton. 

See, proof I made it!

A riveting shot of the ski patrol shack.

Pretty cool perspective at the top of trail that I don't know the name of yet.

I have a little video too, but there is serious potential for motion sickness if watched.  I'm going to try and edit what I have into something watchable, but no promises.  Sorry for the boring photos, I intend to get more action shots in the future.  As for my performance today, wellllll it was a little shaky for the first couple of turns, but the confidence speed-wise came back in a couple of runs.  I took a stab at the Progression Park (code for little kids park--hey gotta start somewhere) and rode the boxes and hit the jump at the end very very carefully.  I mustered up a little boldness and took a stab at the flat box in the Jungle Jib.  While actually riding went ok, dismounting proved to be a challenge.  I got a longgggg way to to go.  All in all though I really couldn't ask for much more, it just felt awesome to be back out riding.  Probably won't be back out again until next monday thanks to high temps in the zero to negative number range in the upcoming days.


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  1. Hey Zack.
    I'm Bryan. I was told about your blog through my fiance', Cindy. She is your mom's best friend.
    I have a blog on blogspot as well. I will put a link to your blog on my "blogroll".
    The pics are great but I don't envy the cold temps that you're experiencing.
    Look forward to reading your future posts and pics.
    Take care, Bryan