Friday, January 30, 2009

Powder Day!

Well, we just got the first major storm since I've arrived back here in VT.  Probably got about 9" down here in the Valley, Bolton claimed 17-19"...either way a ton of snow fell.  Naturally I was super stoked but also nervous since snow and my truck don't exactly get along.  However the snow basically took place over a 16 hour period and all during the day, giving plows and sanders everywhere a chance to make the roads passable for the 'Yota.  My trip up to the mountain was uneventful (thankfully) and I was greeted with the site of someone literally running up the hill to get in the lift line--I took this as a good sign.  To borrow a term from T. Fross the day was "phenomenal:" barely any wind, sun peeking in and out, temps in the 20's and tons of snow.  The one drawback was that the snow was SUPER heavy and wind packed, so that required a lot more work from my legs than normal.  Basically it was a matter of leaning on my back leg, pointing the nose of the board up and just go!  I took a couple of fun falls- fun because all the powder cushioned my landing.  The woods though were the highlight of the day.  I was shown a spot that I had never seen before off of the Timberline lift, and fresh tracks were available there all day long.  I wish the digger I took in there was recorded because I'm sure it was fun to watch.  I had a ton of speed and suddenly the nose of the board dipped into the powder, causing me to summersault, plant my head into the ground and kick my legs and board in the air.  Felt like I was doing a head stand--the only bad result was all the snow that went up my back.  By the end of the day my legs were burning so bad it was ridiculous, but so totally worth it!  I had planned on going up again today, but wayyy too sore.  I hope to get out again next tuesday, but if that doesn't happen it'll be sometime the following week since I'm taking a little trip to Texas (woohoo!)

My poor winter tire-less truck
A downhill look at all the snow in the woods off of Timberline...

....And here's an uphill shot

A shot of Lake Champlain off in the distance

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  1. Hey, Lake Champlain... is THAT - the ocean? :)